Vehicle Information

    Ventus ST RH06, Made By Hankook

    Ventus ST RH06
    Designed specifically for the high performance, luxury SUV market. Controlled footprint shape ensures maximum contact. Remarkable performance and road handling in all weather conditions. Outstanding performance, minimal treadwear, long tread life and a quiet, comfortable ride. Road Hazard Warranty If this tire is rendered unserviceable due to a non repairable road hazard during the first 25% of original tread life, it will be replaced free of charge with a comparable Hankook produced tire. Adjustment procedure is prescribed in the Owner’s General Obligation section. Taxes, service and shipping charges are not included.
    Rating: High Performance All-Season
    Tire Size
    255/50WR17 (255x687 mm)
    Rim Sizes 17x7 to 17x10
    275/60VR17 (275x762 mm)
    Rim Sizes 17x8.5 to 17x11
    295/45VR18 (295x723 mm)
    Rim Sizes 18x9.5 to 18x11.5
    275/45VR20 XL (275x756 mm)
    Rim Sizes 20x8.5 to 20x11
    275/55VR20 XL (275x811 mm)
    Rim Sizes 20x7 to 20x11
    275/40WR20 XL (275x728 mm)
    Rim Sizes 20x9 to 20x11
    295/45VR20 XL (295x774 mm)
    Rim Sizes 20x9.5 to 20x11.5
    265/35WR22 XL (265x744 mm)
    Rim Sizes 22x8.5 to 22x10
    265/40VR22 XL (265x771 mm)
    Rim Sizes 22x9 to 22x10.5
    275/45VR22 XL (275x806 mm)
    Rim Sizes 22x8.5 to 22x11
    285/45VR22 XL (285x815 mm)
    Rim Sizes 22x8.5 to 22x11
    305/40VR22 XL (305x803 mm)
    Rim Sizes 22x9.5 to 22x12
    305/45VR22 XL (305x833 mm)
    Rim Sizes 22x9.5 to 22x12

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