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Ultra High Performance

Direza DZ102

Dunlop Direzza DZ102 Ultra High Performance Sport. If you're in the market for a sporty, sleek-looking summer performance tire, look no further than the Dunlop Direzza DZ102. With a special tread pattern and tread compound that deliver powerful grip in wet and dry conditions, this tire offers thrilling, road-hugging performance. You'll also love the smooth, quiet ride and long-lasting tread. There's even a rim protector built right in to help protect your wheels from curb rash. Features: Aggressive tread design for powerful wet traction. Super abrasion carbon and silica tread compound deliver optimal wet and dry traction. Wear trimming promotes long life and a quiet ride. Deeper lateral cuts and shoulder grooves for long-lasting performance and good looks. Jointless Band Technology delivers a smooth ride at high speeds Max Flange Shield protects wheels from curb damage. Performance-inspired tread and sidewall design give your vehicle a sleek, sporty look.

Tire Size: Fitment Price
195/50VR16 (195X601) Rim Sizes 16x5 to 16x7.5 $127 Each
215/50VR16 (215X621) Rim Sizes 16x6 to 16x8.5 $110 Each
225/50VR16 (225X631) Rim Sizes 16x7 to 16x9 $103 Each
215/45WR17 XL (215X625) Rim Sizes 17x6 to 17x8.5 $151 Each
215/50VR17 (215X647) Rim Sizes 17x6 to 17x8.5 $142 Each
235/45WR17 (235X643) Rim Sizes 17x7 to 17x9 $162 Each
235/55WR17 (235X690) Rim Sizes 17x7 to 17x9 $115 Each
255/40WR17 (255X636) Rim Sizes 17x8 to 17x10 $167 Each
235/50WR18 (235X692) Rim Sizes 18x7 to 18x9 $176 Each
245/35ZR20 XL (245X680) Rim Sizes 20x8 to 20x9.5 $177 Each
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