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Dura Grappler

The Dura Grappler® is a highway terrain tire that provides outstanding treadwear life and ride comfort. Revolutionary Dura-Belt™ 3Steel Belted Technology* reinforces and stabilizes the tread area to reduce irregular wear and improve tread life. The Dura Grappler® will be available in popular 'E' load range, heavy-duty LT sizes for today's demanding diesel trucks. The Dura Grappler® features two distinct sidewall designs so you can customize your look. Tread patterns will vary by size: LT metric sizes are offered in a durable 4-rib design, while P-metric sizes have a quiet 5-rib design. Whether you're working on a construction site or towing your toys, the Dura Grappler® was designed to meet your needs. *In select sizes 45,000-mile limited treadwear warranty for Dura-Belt* sizes 60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty for P-metric/Metric sizes Performance Rating: Q R T H UTQG Treadwear: 600 (P-Metric and Metric Sizes Only) Traction: A

Tire Size: Fitment Price
235/85R16 E (235X806) Rim Sizes 16x6 to 16x9 $217 Each
245/75R16 E (245X774) Rim Sizes 16x6.5 to 16x9.5 $209 Each
285/75R16 E (285X834) Rim Sizes 16x7 to 16x11 $243 Each
305/70R16 E (305X833) Rim Sizes 16x8 to 16x12 $261 Each
235/80R17 E (235X808) Rim Sizes 17x6 to 17x9 $230 Each
245/70R17 E (245X775) Rim Sizes 17x6.5 to 17x9.5 $208 Each
245/65SR17 (245X750) Rim Sizes 17x6.5 to 17x9.5 $170 Each
265/65TR17 (265X776) Rim Sizes 17x6.5 to 17x10 $185 Each
265/70SR17 (265X803) Rim Sizes 17x6.5 to 17x10 $181 Each
285/75R17 E (285X859) Rim Sizes 17x7 to 17x11 $277 Each
285/70R17 E (285X831) Rim Sizes 17x7.5 to 17x11 $265 Each
255/70SR18 XL (255X814) Rim Sizes 18x6.5 to 18x10 $223 Each
265/60HR18 (265X775) Rim Sizes 18x7 to 18x10 $204 Each
275/70R18 E (275X842) Rim Sizes 18x7.5 to 18x11 $266 Each
305/70R18 E (305X884) Rim Sizes 18x8 to 18x12 $338 Each
325/60R18 E (325X847) Rim Sizes 18x10.5 to 18x13 $311 Each
275/65R20 E (275X866) Rim Sizes 20x7.5 to 20x11 $324 Each
275/60R20 E (275X838) Rim Sizes 20x8.5 to 20x11 $342 Each
305/55R20 E (305X844) Rim Sizes 20x8.5 to 20x12 $385 Each
* Images are displayed to show style or design only. Actual appearance may vary with finish and size.