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Mud Terrain

Mud Grappler

The Mud Grappler™ dominates all terrain, whether it's dirt, rocks or mud. The Mud Grappler™ features monstrous 15mm side-lugs, which provide excellent sidewall puncture resistance along with outstanding rock crawling and mud traction. The computer designed tread pattern features a high void ratio for excellent clearing of mud, anti-side slip grooves for better lateral traction, and sipes for performance on snow and slush. The Mud Grappler™ is engineered using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that ensure optimal tire uniformity and balance. The Mud Grappler™ Extreme Terrain tire can handle anything you throw at it.

Tire Size: Fitment Price
35x14.50R15 C (351X697) Rim Sizes 15x11 to 15x14 $410 Each
305/70R16 E (305X833) Rim Sizes 16x8 to 16x12 $377 Each
315/75R16 E (315X879) Rim Sizes 16x8 to 16x12 $419 Each
33x12.50R17 E (331X597) Rim Sizes 17x10 to 17x13 $347 Each
35x12.50R17 E (351X607) Rim Sizes 17x11 to 17x14 $396 Each
37x13.50R17 E (371X692) Rim Sizes 17x11.5 to 17x14.5 $454 Each
40x13.50R17 D (401X713) Rim Sizes 17x13 to 17x16 $586 Each
33x12.50R18 E (331X623) Rim Sizes 18x10 to 18x13 $351 Each
35x12.50R18 E (351X633) Rim Sizes 18x11 to 18x14 $451 Each
37x13.50R18 D (371X717) Rim Sizes 18x11.5 to 18x14.5 $498 Each
38x15.50R18 D (381X876) Rim Sizes 18x12 to 18x15 $547 Each
33x12.50R20 E (331X674) Rim Sizes 20x10 to 20x13 $460 Each
35x12.50R20 E (351X684) Rim Sizes 20x11 to 20x14 $471 Each
37x13.50R20 E (371X768) Rim Sizes 20x11.5 to 20x14.5 $563 Each
38x15.50R20 D (381X927) Rim Sizes 20x12 to 20x15 $621 Each
40x15.50R20 D (401X949) Rim Sizes 20x13 to 20x16 $744 Each
37x13.50R22 E (371X819) Rim Sizes 22x11.5 to 22x14.5 $637 Each
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