Vehicle Information

Ultra High Performance All-Season

NT-450 Extreme

The NT450 is an entry-level ultra-high performance radial designed for all-season performance. The unidirectional tread design performs exceptionally well in wet weather by evacuating water through the slanted grooves and lateral slits. The double center rib provides increased stability on straight-aways and while braking and accelerating. Engineered with durability in mind, select sizes include a 45,000-mile limited treadwear warranty. The NT450 is ideal for enthusiasts who demand performance and affordability.

Tire Size: Fitment Price
195/50VR15 (195X576) Rim Sizes 15x5 to 15x7.5 $96 Each
195/55VR15 (195X596) Rim Sizes 15x5 to 15x7.5 $107 Each
205/55VR15 (205X607) Rim Sizes 15x5.5 to 15x8 $107 Each
205/55VR16 (205X632) Rim Sizes 16x5.5 to 16x8 $113 Each
225/55VR16 (225X654) Rim Sizes 16x7 to 16x9 $127 Each
225/50VR16 (225X631) Rim Sizes 16x7 to 16x9 $120 Each
225/50VR17 (225X657) Rim Sizes 17x7 to 17x9 $158 Each
255/50VR17 XL (255X687) Rim Sizes 17x7 to 17x10 $197 Each
275/50VR17 XL (275X707) Rim Sizes 17x8 to 17x11 $198 Each
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