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The NT555R is a D.O.T.-approved competition drag radial designed with maximum flexibility for the weekend drag racer. The NT555R combines a high grip compound and semi-racing construction to provide maximum traction at the starting line. The tire comes molded at 6/32 of an inch and features a unique reinforced belt package to provide improved traction and high-speed stability. The NT555R is the perfect performance radial for the street or strip. The NT555R is recommended for dry competition use.

Tire Size: Fitment Price
275/50VR15 (275X656) Rim Sizes 15x8 to 15x11 $208 Each
275/60VR15 (275X711) Rim Sizes 15x8.5 to 15x11 $196 Each
325/50VR15 (325X706) Rim Sizes 15x9 to 15x13 $251 Each
245/50VR16 (245X651) Rim Sizes 16x7.5 to 16x9.5 $194 Each
245/45ZR17 (245X652) Rim Sizes 17x7.5 to 17x10 $224 Each
275/40VR17 (275X652) Rim Sizes 17x9 to 17x11 $228 Each
315/35VR17 (315X652) Rim Sizes 17x10.5 to 17x12 $244 Each
285/35ZR18 (285X657) Rim Sizes 18x9.5 to 18x11 $358 Each
285/40ZR18 (285X685) Rim Sizes 18x8.5 to 18x11 $377 Each
305/35ZR18 (305X671) Rim Sizes 18x9.5 to 18x12 $378 Each
305/40VR18 (305X701) Rim Sizes 18x9.5 to 18x12 $362 Each
305/45VR18 (305X732) Rim Sizes 18x9.5 to 18x12 $328 Each
335/30ZR18 (335X658) Rim Sizes 18x11.5 to 18x13.5 $401 Each
275/40VR20 (275X728) Rim Sizes 20x9 to 20x11 $378 Each
305/35VR20 (305X722) Rim Sizes 20x9.5 to 20x12 $401 Each
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