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Potenza RE050A Run Flat

Original equipment on many high-performance vehicles, the Potenza RE050 is built for the pleasure of driving. This tire comes loaded with race-proven technology: UNI-T for outstanding wet and dry traction, a tread pattern that promotes rapid water evacuation, variable dimensions in the tread blocks, and the smoother shape to reduce road noise. An asymmetrical pattern in the RE050A tread increases surface contact to enhance acceleration and cornering. Put this Potenza through its paces and discover what ultra-high performance really means.

Tire Size: Fitment Price
205/45ZR17 (205X616) Rim Sizes 17x5.5 to 17x8 $322.5 Each
235/45ZR17 (235X643) Rim Sizes 17x7 to 17x9 $220 Each
255/40ZR17 (255X636) Rim Sizes 17x8 to 17x10 $371.25 Each
205/40ZR18 (205X621) Rim Sizes 18x7 to 18x8.5 $215 Each
215/40ZR18 (215X629) Rim Sizes 18x7 to 18x8.5 $301.25 Each
225/40ZR18 (225X637) Rim Sizes 18x7 to 18x9 $393.75 Each
245/35ZR18 (245X629) Rim Sizes 18x8 to 18x9.5 $270 Each
245/40ZR18 (245X653) Rim Sizes 18x8 to 18x9.5 $177.5 Each
245/45ZR18 (245X678) Rim Sizes 18x7.5 to 18x10 $240 Each
255/35ZR18 (255X636) Rim Sizes 18x8 to 18x10 $340 Each
275/35ZR18 (275X650) Rim Sizes 18x9 to 18x11 $396.25 Each
275/40ZR18 (275X677) Rim Sizes 18x9 to 18x11 $382.5 Each
225/35ZR19 (225X640) Rim Sizes 19x7.5 to 19x9 $271.25 Each
245/40ZR19 (245X679) Rim Sizes 19x8 to 19x9.5 $535 Each
255/30ZR19 (255X636) Rim Sizes 19x8.5 to 19x10 $322.5 Each
275/35ZR19 (275X675) Rim Sizes 19x9 to 19x11 $496.25 Each
245/35ZR20 (245X680) Rim Sizes 20x8 to 20x9.5 $352.5 Each
275/30ZR20 (275X673) Rim Sizes 20x9 to 20x11 $396.25 Each
305/35ZR20 (305X722) Rim Sizes 20x9.5 to 20x12 $553.75 Each
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