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High Performance All-Season

Proxes 4

The Proxes 4 is Toyo's all-season ultra-high performance tire. It is designed primarily for plus-fitment applications on sport compact cars, sports sedans, and coupes. A wide range of tire sizes are available in V and W speed-ratings.

Tire Size: Fitment Price
245/30WR22 (245X706) Rim Sizes 22x8 to 22x9.5 $273 Each
255/30WR22 (255X712) Rim Sizes 22x8.5 to 22x10 $248 Each
255/35WR22 (255X737) Rim Sizes 22x8 to 22x10 $267 Each
265/30WR22 (265X718) Rim Sizes 22x9 to 22x10.5 $327 Each
285/30WR22 (285X730) Rim Sizes 22x9.5 to 22x11 $343 Each
305/25WR22 (305X711) Rim Sizes 22x10.5 to 22x12.5 $410 Each
275/25WR24 (275X747) Rim Sizes 24x9.5 to 24x11.5 $374 Each
275/25WR28 (275X849) Rim Sizes 28x9.5 to 28x11.5 $516 Each
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