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Max Performance

PZero Nero

Ideal choice for tuners and racing enthusiasts for their high performance cars - Precise cornering, excellent grip and high resistance to aquaplaning for the utmost driving enjoyment - Ideal for tire/wheel conversions and plus-sizing fitment - Specifically built for soft and hard tuning with extra load capabilities - Asymmetric tread design, exclusive styling 24 inch are M&S

Tire Size: Fitment Price
205/40ZR17 XL (205X596) Rim Sizes 17x7 to 17x8.5 $129 Each
215/45ZR17 XL (215X625) Rim Sizes 17x6 to 17x8.5 $168 Each
255/30ZR24 XL (255X763) Rim Sizes 24x0 to 24x0 $355 Each
285/30ZR24 XL (285X781) Rim Sizes 24x0 to 24x0 $396 Each
405/25ZR24 XL (405X812) Rim Sizes 24x0 to 24x0 $483 Each
* Images are displayed to show style or design only. Actual appearance may vary with finish and size.